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Spiritual Receptivity Retreat With Vessantara (Adhisthana 2017) - Day 1

by Vessantara (2017)

01 Beginning with a 20 minute sit connecting with the mandala of protection, followed an introduction to Spiritual Receptivity.

02 Motivation, relaxation + awareness: an encouragement to appreciate our sources of motivation, and bring awareness to what holds us back, blending relaxation and awareness.

03 A continued exploration of confidence and motivation with brief input followed by a guided meditation.


In August 2017, Vessantara continued his exploration of our mandala of spiritual practice with a second, deeper look at Spiritual Receptivity. This retreat focused on Just Sitting, a practice in which we’re open to the whole of our experience which forms a vital balance to structured practice, and is also the centre of the meditative mandala, where everything culminates in an experience which Sangharakshita describes as ‘existential relaxation’.

In this series of sessions, Vessantara weaves input around guided meditations to explore ways into the practice, how to avoid possible pitfalls, and how to set up the conditions for this radical relaxation and simplicity of true Just Sitting.

Total running time: 2:2:40