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The Way of Mindfulness Week 6 - Working with Thoughts and Emotions Meditation

by Vidyamala (2016)

To be fully present and fully heedful is the aim of the Buddhist life, but it’s not an easy thing to achieve, even for Buddhists! This series will help you to practise the Buddha's teaching of mindfulness effectively, using his original instruction from the Satipa??h?na Sutta.

Once a calm, present awareness is established, we can become curious about the thinking mind, but with a little bit more perspective - learning to look ‘at’ our thoughts rather than ‘from’ our thoughts. Using awareness to know our own mind and the thoughts flowing through the mind.

We give them a big field, we let them be, we breathe with them and then we very gradually shift the focus of our awareness from the thought or the emotion to breath in the body. You may find this reduces some of the intensity and gives you more of a quality of stability, of care, even of love; as you courageously work with your own mind, with your own heart - neither suppressing nor getting carried away moment by moment by moment.

Vidyamala is the founder of the pioneering Breathworks mindfulness community helping people around the world with chronic pain and stress and offering training in this field.

This talk is part of the series The Way of Mindfulness.