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The Way of Mindfulness Week 3 - Vedana Meditation

by Vidyamala (2016)

To be fully present and fully heedful is the aim of the Buddhist life, but it’s not an easy thing to achieve, even for Buddhists! This series will help you to practise the Buddha's teaching of mindfulness effectively, using his original instruction from the Satipa??h?na Sutta.

How do we respond to our experience as it arises? What if the sensations, feelings, and emotions are difficult? In this practice, we’re going to spend some time investigating these different feelings in the body the hedonic tone - the initial arising of pleasure, the initial arising of the unpleasant and dullness. And if we can learn to know our actual experience as it arises, then we can let go off the automatic response or the unaware response to the unpleasant of aversion, of pushing away. We can let go of craving that arises when we’re not aware of this initial arising of pleasure. And we can let go of the confusion that arises when we’re not awake to dullness, when we’re not aware.

Vidyamala is the founder of the pioneering Breathworks mindfulness community helping people around the world with chronic pain and stress and offering training in this field.


This talk is part of the series The Way of Mindfulness.