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The Way of Mindfulness Week 2 - Body Scan (Breath-Based)

by Vidyamala (2016)

To be fully present and fully heedful is the aim of the Buddhist life, but it’s not an easy thing to achieve, even for Buddhists! This series will help you to practise the Buddha's teaching of mindfulness effectively, using his original instruction from the Satipa??h?na Sutta.

This is a pair of awareness meditations, rooted deeply in the body. It's led as if you’re lying down, so adapt the instructions for yourself if you are sitting or standing. Our breath carries us into a full, spacious experience of inhabiting our body moment to moment, turning towards what arises with ease and kindness.

Building on the work of paying attention to our breath in our body, this is a chance to go deeper still. In this exercise we move through the different parts of the body and notice how they’re affected by the breath, to get a felt sense of full body breathing. We’re also going to be doing some tensing and releasing of different parts. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to know whether we’re tense or relaxed in our resting state so we’re just going to experiment with taking areas to the extreme of tension and the extreme of relaxation to find out what its like to just be at rest.

Includes a bonus outtake in which Vidyamala talks through her own thinking around the importance of the body and the breath in awareness practice.

Vidyamala is the founder of the pioneering Breathworks mindfulness community helping people around the world with chronic pain and stress and offering training in this field.


This talk is part of the series The Way of Mindfulness.

Total running time: 0:43:36