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Metta Bhavana - Short Lead-through

by Kamalashila

Here is a short version of the "Metta Bhavana' ('Development of Loving Kindness') meditation led by Kamalashila. A quick but complete guide through the stages. The Metta Bhavana is one of the bases of any Buddhist practice - an essential complement to breath-based mindfulness meditations.

The sound on this recording is a little punky in places, so be sure to check out the long lead-through also available on the site. You'll also find a full introduction to the talk, packed with tips and good advices!

Kamalashila is an excellent guide and has been teaching meditation for 30 years.

This talk is part of the series Getting Started in Meditation.

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1. First stage - directing metta to yourself (3:20) 
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2. Second stage - directing metta towards a good friend (2:39) 
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3. Third stage - directing metta towards a neutral person (2:42) 
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4. Fourth stage - directing metta towards a difficult person or enemy (3:22) 
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5. Fifth stage - equalizing metta and directing it towards the whole universe (6:48) 

Total running time: 18:51