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The Mindfulness of Breathing: Introduction and Guidance

by Kamalashila

This is Kamalashila's essential guide to working in the 'Mindfulness of Breathing' meditation. This meditation is an indispensable part of any set of practices, and here we have a thoughtful and sympathetic introduction, suitable for beginners and old hands alike. This is a companion recording to the full and short lead-throughs of the meditation itself which can also be found on the site.

This talk is part of the series Getting Started in Meditation.

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1. Introduction to the tape - two meditations (see 'Metta Bhavana'); learning about your own mind; aspects of transformation (1:30) 
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2. Introduction to the Mindfulness of Breathing; paying attention; relaxing and focussing (2:20) 
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3. The essential method of the practice; what's so special about the breath as an object of meditation; making an effort - counting the breath (2:49) 
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4. A guide to the four stages; setting up the practice; the first stage - counting after the out-breath (3:48) 
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5. The second stage - counting before the in breath; a more active engagement; patience (2:07) 
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6. The third stage - stopping the counting; natural flow - quieting breath, body, and mind (1:60) 
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7. The fourth stage - focussing on where you first feel the breath; subtle breath, subtle mind (1:25) 

Total running time: 15:59