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In The Sign of the Golden Wheel: Indian Memoirs of an English Buddhist - Part 3

by Sangharakshita (1996)

In the Sign of the Golden Wheel recounts the unique experiences of an English Buddhist monk working in the mid-1950s to revive Buddhism in the land of its birth. From his hermitage in the foothills of the Himalayas, Sangharakshita travels across India to the movie world of Bombay and on to a moving and dramatic climax - addressing hundreds of thousands of ex-Untouchables in thirty mass meetings in just four days, to console and encourage them following the sudden death of their hero, the remarkable Dr Ambedkar, only weeks after their mass conversion to Buddhism. Brimming with life and colour, this book is a notable addition to the world of travel literature as we follow the spiritual adventures of an unorthodox and extraordinary Englishman.

A community audio book read by Subhadra

Buy the book from Windhorse Publications

Total running time: 1:54:26