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Understanding Money, Understanding Ourselves

by Siddhisambhava (2009)

Although the Buddha certainly had things to say about money, money matters far more now than in the Buddha's time. It has the potential to do more harm - or good - than ever before.

In this wide-ranging talk, Siddhisambhava encourages us to talk about money more and suggests reasons why we often find that so hard to do. She outlines the Buddha's approach to money and encourages us become clearer and more confident in that.

What do we truly value? And are we able to fund those things? While the practice for all of us is skilful mental states whatever our circumstances, she emphasises that there is no one way 'to be' with money and shares some tips and tools on how we can become more 'money mature'.

Siddhisambhava works as a fundraiser in the FWBO Development Team. She acts as a consultant to FWBO centres and projects, and runs movement-wide fundraising campaigns.