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Wisdom Beyond Words - Part 5

by Sangharakshita

Wisdom Beyond Words

Sense and Non-Sense in the Buddhist Prajnaparamita Tradition

By Sangharakshita

Dangerously disorientating to the unwary student, the Prajnaparamita or Perfection of Wisdom teachings can offer a fast route to some well-trodden blind alleys - or to the very heart of Reality.

Sangharakshita's clarity, scholarship and insight are revealed in this commentary on the Diamond Sutra, the Heart Sutra, and the Ratnagunasamcayagatha - core teachings of Mahayana Buddhism. Using this book as a guide we can begin our own investigation of these sublime teachings - and also perhaps be rewarded with a world-shattering glimpse of the Buddhist vision of ultimate Reality.

A community audio book read by Subhadra

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1. Diamond Sutra - Chapter 10 (13:43) 
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2. Diamond Sutra - Chapter 11 (14:11) 
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3. Diamond Sutra - Chapter 12 (16:27) 
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4. Diamond Sutra - Chapter 13 (32:11) 
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5. Diamond Sutra - Chapter 14 (17:06) 

Total running time: 1:33:38