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Change Your Mind - Body Awareness And Relaxation

by Paramananda (1998)

Change Your Mind by Paramananda is one of the best-selling meditation books produced by Windhorse Publications, the publishing house of Triratna. Paramananda's considerable experience of meditation and in social work led him to an approach to sitting practice that tried to take account of the whole person, body and 'soul'. Judging by the popularity of his teaching he seems to have hit on something vital to forming an enduring positive relationship with meditation as a way to transform your sense of self and of life.

Paramananda recorded taped audio guides to meditation for Dharmachakra in 1998, intended to complement his book. His generosity in doing so was considerable, as after an initially very successful sales period he waived his royalties to help support our own work. It's a genuine pleasure therefore to be dusting off those old tapes now and bringing them back to the attention of meditators everywhere, in the same free spirit as they were given to us.

Total running time: 0:48:55