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Looking Back Over My Chapter History

by Dhammadinna

This talk was given on a women's UK National Order Weekend exploring the practice of meeting in chapters. A deliberately provocative aphorism of Sangharakshita's - 'an order member without a chapter is only half an order member' - points to this practice as being a crucial aspect of our spiritual lives as Order members. Yet there is no 'blueprint' as such for what we do in a chapter meeting other than coming together in mutual communication on the basis of our common ideals and commitment.

Dhammadinna gave this extended talk about her personal history in chapters. It is also a history of this aspect of the Movement - what gave rise to chapters and how they developed, bringing out in this way what is essential to the practice of chapter and therefore how they differ from other groups we may be involved in.

Given at Padmaloka, December 2010. The two other talks on this theme are:

Reflections on My Chapter by Vijayatara

My Virtual Chapter by Yashobodhi

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1. Early Days in the Order (10:08) 
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2. Beginnings of Single Sex Order Meetings (5:09) 
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3. Retreating on the Isle of Muck (4:58) 
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4. Spiritual Workshops and Confession (9:50) 
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5. Chapter Convenors (3:51) 
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6. Splitting Chapters (3:07) 
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7. In the Tiratanaloka Chapter (13:40) 
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8. In an Ad Hoc Chapter (4:14) 
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9. Summing Up - Benefits (5:11) 

Total running time: 1:00:08