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Other talks from Triratna Buddhist Community

Inspiring Young People with the Dharma

by Various (2008)


28-year-old Swedish Order Member Nagesvara gives a very honest account of how he made contact with the Dharma and the FWBO: the music and party scene in Sweden leading to dissatisfaction, an interest meditation, the Stockholm Buddhist Centre, friendships with older Order Members, and finally the supportive community of Windhorse:Evolution in Cambridge UK, where he currently lives.


A clear and passionate talk proposing three specific initiatives FWBO Centres could take to inspire more young people with the Dharma. Still in her 20s, Lindsay currently lives and works at Taraloka Women's Retreat Centre in Shropshire, UK.


Kev's story of how he contacted the Dharma and the FWBO explores his search for ways to integrate early 'mystical' experiences and his love of community - while at university and working as a coach driver for expeditions across Europe. Still in her 20s, Kev currently works at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre.

Total running time: 0:40:23