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Bells for Meditation - 4 Stages (Mindfulness of Breathing)

von Naganataka (2008)

You know, finding decent bells for using when you want to meditate on your own at home is much trickier than you'd imagine. Believe us, we've looked. Well, a chorus of hallelujahs all round because the marvellous Naganataka has come up trumps with these exquisitely recorded, beautifully spaced sessions that provide the perfect backdrop. The clear, strong bells are an ideal aid for any DIY meditator, and you even get a convenient minute at the start to let you get nice and settled. So, eyes gently closing, body relaxing, breathing gently and naturally, let's begin...

These 4-stage sessions are particularly suitable for the 'Mindfulness of Breathing' meditation.

(Hint: If you don't need all of the session lengths offered, simply right-click the track you want and download it directly.)

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