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System of Meditation Retreats - Spiritual Death, Fear and Fearlessness

by Kulaprabha

Spiritual Death is about death of our fixed, bounded self, the self that is made up of bundled habits and preferences and views - especially views about existence and non-existence. So don't be surprised if, when contemplating the impermanence and unreliability of that small self, you taste fear. It's natural enough in the circumstances. After all, fine to talk loftily about 'dying to one's ego', but who will be left after that's done? Where will 'I' be? Kulaprabha explores this with reference to two Pali Canon suttas. You'll also hear about the eldrich sound of barn owls at night!

This talk was given on retreat and is part of the series on the system of meditation of the Western Buddhist Order.

Talk given at Taraloka, May 2008.

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1. Tasting Fear (5:58) 
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2. Abhaya Sutta - Four Reasons Why We Fear Death (10:07) 
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3. Fear and Dread Sutta - Things that Protect Us from Fear (12:17) 
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4. Knowing our own Grounds for Fearlessness (4:49) 
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5. Led Reflection on Attachment (15:36) 

Total running time: 48:47