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Three Perspectives On the Practice of Spiritual Friendship

by Various

Three short talks on the theme of spiritual friendship that flow beautifully into one another: beginning with the Buddha and Kalyana Mitrata, moving on to our horizontal friendships and our working ground for self-transcendence, through to the arising of the Bodhicitta through collective spiritual practice.

Talk given at Aryaloka Buddhist Center, November 2010

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1. Narottama - Say not so, Ananda, say not so, spiritual friendship is the whole of the spiritual life (8:34) 
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2. Saricitta - Peer Friendships - our working ground of ethics, awareness and metta (12:15) 
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3. Viriyalila - The Third of Consciousness: Creating Contexts for Deepening the Practice of Spiritual Community (16:13) 

Total running time: 37:02