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Reflection on the Ten Endowments

by Kulaprabha (2008)

If we possess the 'Ten Endowments', then we are come to the right juncture in this precious human life of ours. Such is the teaching in Gampopa's 'Jewel Ornament of LiIberation'. This is part of a series of talks and reflections from Taraloka inspired by this text.

Endowment has connotations of a gift bequeathed, a legacy, something of value... if we do have some of these endowments then how are we to use them? This reflection featured on a 'Going for Refuge' meditation retreat focussing on spiritual death. Listen to this - and to its companion reflection on the 'Eight Freedoms' - you may find you are freer and more endowed than you think! And the only other thing you need is a faithful heart.

Given at Taraloka Retreat Centre, February 2008

Total running time: 0:41:0