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In the Footsteps of the Buddha Retreat (3 of 6)

by Kavyamani (2022)

Stories are powerful - they speak to parts of ourselves that respond to symbols, patterns and truths about human life that are deeper and far beyond our rational experience.

Through the medium of stories Danayutta, Kavaradhi and Kavyamani explore the themes and motifs from the life of the Buddha, as well as the life stories of his disciples, monastic and lay, female and male, rich and poor. Reflecting on these stories they explore their relevance for our own Dharma lives.

These stories were recorded on retreat at Taraloka in 2022.

In this third talk: Kavyamani begins by introducing The Theragatha, the poems or verses of the first Buddhist nuns. She then proceeds to focus on the inspirational story of just one of these nuns: Bhada.

This talk is part of the series In the Footsteps of the Buddha Retreat.