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Seeding Community

by Dhammamegha (2022)

How can we equip ourselves to co-operate in collective action and play? How do we work with negative emotions and polarized views? Many of us long to be in deeper communication and relationship with others, but in order to do that we need to create the necessary conditions for community to arise.

Drawing on the Buddha’s teaching, as well as political and social thinkers, Dhammamegha looks at the tender and necessary ground for sustained action towards the deepening of our practice of community. In doing so she draws on as a guide the four Sangharavastus ('means of unifying the sangha'): Generosity (dana), kind words, beneficial actions, and sympathy (assuming the best) with all beings.

This talk was given in the Dharma Parlour tent, at Buddhafield 2022.

This talk is part of the series Seeds of the Heart: Talks from the Dharma Parlour at Buddhafield 2022.