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We Are Born of Our Actions: Dancing with the Law of Karma

by Ratnadeva (2022)

Through recounting the story of the Buddha’s Enlightenment and his subsequent communication about it, Ratnadeva traces the significance and depth of the Buddha’s teaching of karma, as well as addressing the complexities and common misconceptions that can often arise when we approach the topic.

Here, karma is empowering. It is not so much about ‘shoulds’, as about opportunities – to change and, perhaps paradoxically, to accept. To strive for skilfulness, but to also to laugh at our striving with a lightness of spirit.

Having a clear understanding of the law of karma is vital if we are to transform our desires to be more in line with reality. We realize that on a path of training old habits run deep, and that we cannot control everything that happens to us. We can, however, always start where we find ourselves: in the present moment. Then we can begin to work on our reactions, gradually moving towards more and more of a sense of freedom in our lives.

This talk is part of the series Seeds of the Heart: Talks from the Dharma Parlour at Buddhafield 2022.