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Courage, Vulnerability and Healing Our Tempestuous World

by Jayaraja (2022)

A lover of chocolate, trees and poetry, Jayaraja explores how to make the Buddha’s teaching real in our lives by looking at the connection between courage and shraddha, commonly translated as 'faith'.

Faith in Buddhism is sometimes referred to as that which ‘we place the heart upon’. So where do we place our own? Jayaraja exemplifies a moving vulnerability while sharing his experiences of suffering as a child; touching upon neuroscience and psychotherapy in the telling, as well as considering the conditions and samskaras ('volitional tendencies', ‘habits') that give rise to a mind which is interpreting reality all the time.

Finally, referencing the Brahmajala Sutta of the Digha Nikaya, Jayaraja addresses the third aspect of his title, healing our tempestuous world. Examining the cultural views prevalent in our time, he asks if these views lead towards awakening, towards compassion? Is any view for the benefit of myself and the benefit of others? And is it recommended by the wise?

Listen back to this free flowing, open and honest talk, given in the Dharma Parlour tent, Buddhafield 2022.

This talk is part of the series Seeds of the Heart: Talks from the Dharma Parlour at Buddhafield 2022.