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Padmasambhava In the Land of the Flesh-Eating Ogres

by Padmavajra (2022)

Padmasambhava left Tibet to travel to the Copper Coloured Mountain somewhere in the south-west. He went there to convert the rakshasas, the human flesh eating ogres who were threatening to devour human beings. In this world Padmasambhava created his pure Buddhafield. He resides there now in the Lotus Light Palace in the midst of the glorious spontaneous expression of Enlightened Activity amidst a dazzling swirl of dakas and dakinis joyously converting the ogres.

Padmavajra tells us how this dazzling vision is really about our world right now and how we can play our part in the work of fighting and converting all that threatens the distinctively human.

This talk was given during a young men's retreat held at Padmaloka in the spring of 2022

This talk is part of the series Entering the Realm of the Guru.