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This Precious Human Life

by Kulaprabha (2008)

Another of the talks from Taraloka inspired by Gampopa's 'Jewel Ornament of Liberation'. This is about the first of the Four Reminders or Four Mind-Turnings. It's not every human life that is precious. Preciousness comes when our human life has arrived at the unique occasion of the 'Eight Freedoms' and at the right juncture of the 'Ten Endowments' - and when we have a faithful heart.

Even then - or maybe particularly then - we can be complacent. So it's also necessary to take on board that there are many ways to die! But on the positive side - you may have more of these freedoms and endowments than you realise, so be confident. So says Gampopa. And Kulaprabha. Other talks and led reflections from this 'Going for Refuge' meditation retreat are also available.

Given at Taraloka Retreat Center, February 2008

Total running time: 0:41:57