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Contemplating the Refuge Tree 5: Dissolving Into Sunyata

by Vajratara (2022)

In the fifth and final part of a series of talks about the 'Going for Refuge and Prostration Practice of the Buddha Shakyamuni', Vajratara introduces the dissolving stage. Using the structure of the '4 Sunyatas' we can progressively let go of all clinging to appearances. When we dissolve the practice, where does the Refuge Tree go? From renouncing Samsara to renouncing all distinguishing between Samsara and Nirvana and even the concepts themselves, we come back to the blue sky. We are transformed.

This is one of a series of informal talks given at a retreat for those training for ordination: a collaboration between Buddhafield and Tiratanaloka. It took place in a marquee. It is followed by question and answers. Some of the questions are inaudible, but Vajratara repeats the basic points.