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Contemplating the Refuge Tree 4: The Sprinkling of the Deathless

by Vajratara (2022)

In the fourth part of a series of talks about the 'Going for Refuge and Prostration Practice of the Buddha Shakyamuni', Vajratara shifts the perspective from us contemplating the Refuge Tree, to the figures on the Refuge Tree contemplating us. Blessings or adhisthana is the way the Buddha responds to us, and all we have to do is tune in. How do we remain receptive? What does it feel like to be blessed and purified? What are we purified of?

This is one of a series of informal talks given at a retreat for those training for ordination: a collaboration between Buddhafield and Tiratanaloka. It took place in a marquee. It is followed by question and answers. Some of the questions are inaudible, but Vajratara repeats the basic points.