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Introduction to Satipatthana Sutta and Lojong Mahayana Mind Training (Compassionate Warrior Training Retreat, 2 of 18)

by Vidyamala (2022)

This talk was recorded on the Compassionate Warrior Training online retreat at Taraloka. The retreat was for Order Members and those training for ordination.

Day 1, session 2: Vidyamala introduces the theme of the retreat, which draws on both Satipatthana mindfulness teachings and Lojong mind training Bodhicitta teachings, which are both timeless and meet current times. Our lives require us to call on a kind of fearless presence, strength and courage within ourselves alongside kindness, empathy and compassion towards all beings. Satipatthana and Lojong offer a magnificent toolkit to help develop these great qualities.

This talk is part of the series Compassionate Warrior Training.