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Life & Liberation of Padmasambhava Part 6

by Padmavajra (2021)

The sixth in a series of talks by Padmavajra from the “Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava” which were given at Adhisthana in October 2021. In this final talk, Padamvajra explores the theme of longing, the longing for the return of Guru Rinpoche. At the age of 19, Dujom Rimpoche, one of Bhante’s principal teachers, spontaneously composed a song to Padmasambhava. Padmavajra investigates teachings from devotional songs of the great devotees and what we can learn about how to live the dharma life, how to evoke and how to be with Guru Rimpoche.

This talk is part of the series The Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava.