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Maturing the Mind - Introduction to the Four Reminders

by Kulaprabha

Another of the series of Taraloka talks taking their inspiration from Gampopa's 'Jewel Ornament of Liberation'. In this one Kulaprabha sets the scene for the teaching of the 'Four Reminders' - or 'Four Mind-turnings'. The talk was one given on a 'Going for Refuge' meditation retreat on the theme of spiritual death, so included in it is an overview of the place of spiritual death in the Western Buddhist Order's system of meditation.

Given at Taraloka, February 2008

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1. Introduction (1:47) 
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2. System of meditation overview (11:32) 
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3. Reading material (2:60) 
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4. 'Jewel Ornament of Liberation' text (8:58) 
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5. Obstacles to our enlightenment (5:01) 
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6. The reminders and their supports (8:40) 
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7. The reminders in practice (5:59) 
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8. Some remarks about each reminder (14:12) 

Total running time: 59:09