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Staying at Home, Dancing with the Universe

by Amaragita

This talk takes a look at Buddhist practice in the light of parenting, and was given at the Buddhafield Festival in 2006. Look out for some lovely singing thoughout!

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1. A song and introduction (4:21) 
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2. The false dichotomy between family and spiritual life (4:25) 
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3. Going beyond simply trying to find tranquillity; the thousand Dharma-doors in parenting (4:15) 
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4. The Five Portions a Day Rule; building in regular reminders of the larger perspective; daily moments of retreat (4:15) 
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5. Self-transformation through parenting and the burning of kshanti; transforming the world through our children (5:13) 
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6. What enlightened parenting has to offer; returning a sense of the sacred and exemplifying spiritual life for a new generation (3:53) 
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7. Closing song (1:58) 

Total running time: 28:20