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Buddha Nature - It's Good, But is it Enough?

by Kulaprabha

This is part of the 'Jewel Ornament of Liberation' series of talks from the community at Taraloka Retreat Centre. So far the series covers the first three chapters of that text : 'Motive', 'Working Basis', and 'Meeting Spritual Friends'. If you haven't come across this text before, then Kulaprabha's talk will give you an overview of all three chapters in the context of the Buddha's Enlightenment, Buddha Nature and what that means for us.

Given on Wesak, May 2008 at Sheffield Buddhist Centre.

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1. Holy Longing (5:28) 
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2. Pingiya praising the Buddha (7:53) 
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3. Walking in the Buddha's footsteps (6:26) 
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4. Gampopa and the Kagyu lineage (4:04) 
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5. Samsara as convincing, alluring and bewildering (10:13) 
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6. Buddha Nature as motive (9:27) 
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7. Tathagathagarbha Sutra (4:34) 
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8. Why Buddha Nature isn't enough (7:09) 
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9. Unique occasion and right juncture (3:42) 

Total running time: 58:56