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Vairocana: Meeting the Sun King At the Centre of the Mandala

by Taranita (2020)

This is the final of a series of evenings on the Wisdom of the Five Dhyani-Buddhas at the Bristol Buddhist Centre. The first part is a talk that links the Dharmachakra in Vairocana's hands, the Turning of the Wheel of the Dharma, the Wheel Turning Monarch, and Wisdom. The second part is a guided meditative exercise which consists of a recitation of the 'Hymn to Vairocana' written by the individual known at different times as Yoxi, Padmavyuha, Padmavani or Irian Greenleaf; and the chanting of the Vairocana mantra by Cath Dixon.

Total running time: 0:40:20