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Developing Awareness

by Nagabodhi (2020)

In this session Nagabodhi starts by leading a short arriving meditation and then speaks about the process of developing awareness throughout the day and how this relates to vedanā – or hedonic tone. He explores how if we can notice the raw experience and whether it’s pleasant, unpleasant or neutral, then we have freedom not to act in the usual habitual ways. He gives some personal stories with examples of ‘aha’ moments in this area of practice. Nagabodhi ends with a poem by David Whyte called Everything is Waiting for You.

In the second half, Vishvapani speaks briefly about vedanā and how it relates to the mettā bhavanā, then guides us in a meditation where we pay attention to vedanaā and our direct experience.

This talk is part of the series The Two Arrows: Dukkha to Insight.

Total running time: 0:56:57