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The Three Family Protectors

by Vidyavachin (2020)

This series of talks explores three great Buddhist symbols that describe the way things are: the wheel of life, the spiral path and the ultimate goal of Enlightenment. Together they form a guide to escape from the ultimate vicious circle into the complete freedom and fulfilment of Awakening.

In this talk, Vidyavacin introduces the three family protectors - three archetypal figures representing different aspects of the ultimate goal of the spiritual life. Between them, Manjusri, Avalokitesvara and Vajrapani symbolise the complete spiritual development of a human being. These three aspects are Wisdom, the cognitive dimension; Compassion, the emotional dimension; Energy, the volitional dimension.

Talk recorded on 10.03.20 at Sheffield Buddhist Centre.

This talk is part of the series The Wheel, The Spiral and The Goal.