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The Lion's Roar

by Shakyapada and Khemasuri (2019)

The Lion’s Roar
These two talks were given at the Northern Women’s Retreat at Dukes Barn in Derbyshire, an annual event for women who have asked for ordination. The theme was The Lion’s Roar.

In the first talk, Shakyapada explores the Lion’s Roar of the Buddha. In particular, she explains why his teaching was so radical in Northern India 2,500 years ago and how it can inspire our own actions in the world today.

In the second talk, Khemasuri explores The Lion’s Roar of Sangharakshita with particular reference to the climate emergency. Referencing Sangharakshita’s teaching on personal responsibility, she shows how, through self-development and sangha, we can make a radical difference in the world.

Total running time: 1:0:5