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Introduction to Dhammas and Guided Meditation

by Prasadavati (2019)

This is talk 11 of 13 talks and led meditations given on the Path to Insight Retreat at Taraloka, July 2019. This retreat was offered to women who are training for Ordination and Order Members. The talks are available to all.

Prasadavati introduces the Dhammas section of the Satipatthana Sutta, by concisely outlining the core elements of the Hindrances and Awakening Factors. She suggests that we can learn to "starve the Hindrances and feed the Awakening Factors" with the lessening of the Hindrances being naturally related to the strengthening of the Awakening Factors.

This is followed by a guided meditation exploring the balancing of energies of the Awakening Factors with some of them arousing energy and some of them devoted to cultivating calm.