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The Mythic Context of Dharma Teaching

von Ratnaguna (2019)

“A single bodhisattva may establish many hundreds of thousands of living beings in enlightenment without his mindfulness being diminished. In fact, not only does it not diminish, it grows stronger. Likewise, the more you teach and demonstrate virtuous qualities to others, the more you grow with respect to these virtuous qualities. This is the door of the Dharma called “The Inexhaustible Lamp”.
–The Vimalakirti Nirdesa

Join Ratnaguna as he explores the joy of teaching the Dharma through stories from the Ratnaguna-Samcayagatha and the Vimalakirti Nirdesa. When the grace of the Buddhas shines through our words, teaching the Dharma can become an Inexhaustible Lamp that nourishes and inspires. This talk was given by Ratnaguna during The Inexhaustible Lamp teacher training retreat at Adhisthana in May 2019.