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Beating the Drum

by Sangharakshita (2019)

Maha Bodhi Editorials
By Sangharakshita
Ibis Publications
ISBN: 9781291109221
Read by Subhadra

Here are 71 editorials written by Sangharakshita for the Maha Bodhi, the Maha Bodhi Society’s monthly journal, during the years 1954 – 64. 'Beating the Drum' contains an introduction, giving valuable background, but it is not included in this recording, only the actual editorials. Sangharakshita lived in India at that time, and he returned to England in 1964. He founded the FWBO, now renamed Triratna, a few years later in London. The editorials bespeak an intensity of vision, a devotion to the Buddha and His Teaching, and a deep-felt concern about people, animals, organisations and nations that together inhabit this planet. During this 10 year period, Buddhism in India made a quantum leap with the mass conversions to Buddhism carried out in 1956 at Nagpur.

Total running time: 6:43:4