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Unfolding Insight: Day 6, Session 2

by Vessantara (2018)

Unfolding Insight: Day 6, Session 2
Consciousness Element

Guided Meditation exploring Metta and Awareness 0:00-20:12
Discourse on Awareness 20:12-1:03:29

This is the seventh in the series of very popular retreats on The Mandala of Spiritual Practice that Vessantara has been leading at Adhisthana. An exploration of the insight, or ‘spiritual death’, aspect of meditation. Insight practice catalyses a process of progressive seeing that frees and relaxes the mind.

On this retreat, Vessantara approaches insight in a very practical way, using different meditations to support liberation from what prevents us experiencing life in all its flowing, ungraspable and undivided richness. He also investigates places where we tend to get stuck and bring the dynamic process of seeing and freeing to a halt.

This talk is part of the series Unfolding Insight.