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Exploring Volition Or Intention

by Vajradevi (2019)

Talk given in the afternoon session on Wednesday 1st May 2019.

Vajradevi invites us to consider whether we've ever experienced standing up during a meditation at home before we've made any conscious choice to do so (or scratch, or opened our eyes), i.e. what happens when we've no recollection of having personally decided to do something. She explores the workings of volition or intention and how, if we're present/aware, we can sometimes know the action and the intention as two separate things. Seeing volition/intention in process can be helpful in revealing the non-personal nature of it - ie the concept of 'self' can dissolve.

This talk is part of the series Pathways to the Beautiful Mind: Bristol Rains Retreat 2019.

Total running time: 0:41:34