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Moha (Delusion) as a Way of Exploring the Spiritual Faculty of Wisdom

by Vajradevi (2019)

Talk given in the morning session on Wednesday 1st May 2019.

Vajradevi recaps that we've now gone round the mandala of the five spiritual faculties once and dipped into mindfulness more than once. This talk revisits wisdom with an exploration of the third 'poison' (klesha), moha (delusion). She reminds us that the word indriya ('faculty') applies to both spiritual and sense faculties and that we can use the latter to strengthen the former.

Delighting in the word 'moha' sounding like 'a soft fluffy cloud', Vajradevi draws out the fact that it is the most difficult of the poisons to recognise - greed and aversion being much louder and more colourful. It's also 'a natural state of affairs' until we can create and support conditions to help wisdom flourish. She gives us tips for doing this, reminding us (in the words of Sayadaw U Tejaniya) that 'assumption, presumption and speculation are always the work of moha'.

After a 'slight aside' about beauty, Vajradevi concludes the talk with a 'job description for moha' which she developed on a three month retreat when she 'got to know moha quite well'.

This talk is part of the series Pathways to the Beautiful Mind: Bristol Rains Retreat 2019.

Total running time: 1:30:36