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Working Mindfully with Communication & Language

by Vajradevi (2019)

Vajradevi introduces the idea of 'talking meditation', where we carry the thread of awareness through verbal communication. This extends beyond awareness of the speech precepts to being aware of the texture or tone of our own and others' voices, using a 'settled back' stance and giving priority to the thread of awareness/knowing over the content of what's being said. She gives tips for the practice: staying aware of our own minds, aiming to let go of trying and focusing so as to aim for a more panoramic awareness.

(recording of prompts for the talking meditation practice missing)

Vajradevi recounts the story of journalist Tom Lubbock who tracked and recorded his experience of a brain tumour progressively affecting his ability to speak and think using language. He discovered that the loss of speech and language did not mean he 'lost his mind' - whilst his capacity to describe things became very limited, his experience of his thoughts was 'vast'.

This talk is part of the series Pathways to the Beautiful Mind: Bristol Rains Retreat 2019.

Total running time: 0:15:8