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Mindfulness + Working with Mood + Walking Meditation

by Vajradevi (2019)

After a recap, Vajradevi returns to the central thread of the Satipatthana, mindfulness, recalling Bhante Sangharakshita saying 'we should be watching our minds all the time'. She explores what's meant by mind (the third Satipatthana) and how thinking is a natural function of the mind which can be skilful or unskilful, full of klesha or the kalyana qualities and wisdom. She introduces the practice of 'labelling thought' in meditation, stressing the need for this to be done kindly, whatever kind of thoughts there are (including 'appalling thoughts'!). She repeats that 'any object will do' as an object of awareness and asks 'How much do you believe your thoughts?' This is followed by a led meditation.

Vajradevi explores ‘mood’ in mindfulness meditation and how mood becomes the lens through which we look at experience and how to become aware of the tone of the mood. She compares awareness to mild sunlight and mood to a kind of mist: a mist which can be dissipated by sunlight over time. This session ends with a sitting meditation.

Vajradevi leads through a natural-pace walking meditation with the invitation to take awareness from the cushion into movement, reminding us that mindfulness can be practised in any circumstances and the aim is for an unbroken thread of mindfulness throughout life.

This talk is part of the series Pathways to the Beautiful Mind: Bristol Rains Retreat 2019.

Total running time: 1:21:55