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From Genesis to the Diamond Sutra

by Sangharakshita (2019)

From Genesis to the Diamond Sutra
A Western Buddhist’s Encounters with Christianity

By Sangharakshita

‘I wanted to share my experience, and my reflections on my experience, with those Western Buddhists who, like me, grew up within a Christian culture’.

With considerations of the Bible, Christian mythology and ethics (including its view on sexuality), saints and mystics as well as stories like Barlaam and Josaphat, this book reflects Sangharakshita's breadth of thought and contemplation. Realizing that he was a Buddhist at age 16, Sangharakshita eventually spent 20 years in India. Returning to England, he established Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (1967); Western Buddhist Order (1968). Author of nearly 50 books.

A community audio book read by Subhadra

Buy the book (part of 'Complete Works of Sangharakshita'):

Total running time: 7:24:55