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Other talks from Adhisthana

Contemplating the Sangha

by Ratnaguna (2017)

Fourth in a series of talks given on the Great Faith, Great Wisdom retreat at Adhisthana led by Ratnaguna in October 2017. Amitabha’s pure buddha-field Sukhavati is a vast ‘illumined image’, an imaginative evocation of higher states of consciousness and awakening, and the beings who inhabit this land are irreversible from awakening - they all possess great faith and great wisdom. Ratnaguna guides us in an imaginative journey into this realm in this series of talks from the retreat.

Contemplating the Sangha - Ratnaguna

Ratnaguna plunges deeper into the symbol of Sukhavati and draws out that it is an image of a Sangha. He talks about pure and impure lands; the benefits of duality and imperfection; and the effects of doubt.

This talk is part of the series Great Faith, Great Wisdom Retreat - Adhisthana 2017.