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Bright Blue Sky, Deep Blue Sea

by Suryadarshini

Amitabha is one of the most well-known archetypal Buddhas, whose qualities of love and compassion attract myriad practitioners and devotees.

Suryadarshini shares her personal connections with Amitabha, from superheroes to phoenixes, and also explores traditional symbols and imagery of the red Buddha of the West.

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1. Bodhivajra introduces Suryadarshini (1:32) 
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2. Suryadarshini introduces Amitabha (3:15) 
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3. Opening up to lotus qualities (2:08) 
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4. Fascination, love, the lotus family and the colour red (4:16) 
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5. Female figures and superheroes (2:32) 
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6. Transfomation - the fire element, the hungry ghosts, and peacocks (4:50) 
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7. Amitabha's wisdom of uniqueness (4:16) 
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8. Ordination and Amitabha's deep blue sea (5:21) 
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9. Amitabha's seed syllable HRIH (2:54) 

Total running time: 31:04