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Challenges of the New Society

by Subhuti (2010)

First talk given during Dharmapala College's seminar on the New Society. In this talk Subhuti sets out a vision of the 'Power of the Dhamma' as a force within the nature of reality that leads to growth and development. This is the Dhamma Niyama, to reify it is a mistake, but to deny it leaves us with an impoverished sense of the nature of things. The new society is about allowing this order of things to manifest within us and on that basis have a transformative effect on society.

Drawing on his experience of working in India Subhuti then spoke of the potential for the Dhamma to change the lives of the disadvantaged and oppressed, by gaining a sense of personal responsibility and influence (the basis message of the Dhamma.) He then spoke of the need for a deeper set of values to influence mainstream culture and the potential or need for the voice of the Dhamma to be heard. To do all this we need to be more confident and more outgoing - in that way if we feel more confidence and trust in the power of the Dhamma we can have a more positive effect on our own lives and society around us.