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Mindfulness of Art, Objects and Nature (LWFA Week 6)

by Viryanaga (2017)

In practicing the four spheres of mindfulness, those of body, vedana, citta and dhammas we can then truly appreciate the environment in which we live. This means developing a kind of wisdom implicit in true appreciation. To cultivate a richness and appreciation of our experience we need to be in connection with and enhance our imagination. This means cultivating an interest and appreciation in what is right in front of us, right now, exponentially enriching our life, and improving our cultural diet from wherever we are currently at, without activating the desire to appropriate or acquire.

Talk given as part of a Life with Full Attention Course at Brixton Triratna, January 2017.

The corresponding book ‘Life with Full Attention’ by Maitreyabandhu is available from

This talk is part of the series Life with Full Attention Course.