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Mindfulness of Vedana (LWFA Week 3)

by Viryanaga (2017)

This introduction to mindfulness of the vedana highlights the key principle of how all sensations have a hedonic tinge, being pleasant, unpleasant or neutral. These ‘vedanas’ are the building blocks of our experience, and cannot be changed in the moment. In this talk Viryanaga goes on to explain how if we can notice what we are experiencing moment by moment we can avoid that reaction which tries to push away unpleasant vedana and grasp pleasant vedana, a reaction which creates an ongoing sense of dissatisfaction in our lives. By accepting vedana as it arises we can open ourselves up to really experiencing, without avoidance or grasping and in doing so allow ourselves to live a full and rich life in the present moment.

Talk given as part of a Life with Full Attention Course at Brixton Triratna, January 2017.

The corresponding book ‘Life with Full Attention’ by Maitreyabandhu is available from

This talk is part of the series Life with Full Attention Course.