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Mindfulness of the Body and Its Movements (LWFA Week 2)

by Viryanaga (2017)

This introduction to Mindfulness of the Body and its Movements highlights how the foundation of all mindfulness begins in the body, and how this allows us to gain perspectives on our mind’s ruminative, repetitive thoughts. Body awareness is an antidote to our mind’s ‘automatic pilot’ and the anchor to our awareness. In this talk Viryanaga explains how tuning into our physicality is a simple way of escaping a compulsively active toxic mind.

Talk given as part of a Life with Full Attention Course at Brixton Triratna, January 2017.

The corresponding book ‘Life with Full Attention’ by Maitreyabandhu is available from www.windhorsepublications.com

This talk is part of the series Life with Full Attention Course.