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Mindfulness Clear and Radiant

by Suryadarshini

Moving from black and white thinking into the realm of in-between is key to understanding ethics. Practising the fifth precept is more than abstaining from alcohol; Sangharakshita's four levels of awareness help us become more mindful of things, ourselves, people and reality. Suryadarshini shares her personal journey and understanding of this precept.

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1. A fifteen year old's manifesto (2:49) 
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2. The fifth precept (2:31) 
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3. The positive form of the precepts (2:06) 
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4. Mindfulness as a buzz word & Sangharakshita's four levels of awareness (1:30) 
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5. Awareness of things (2:03) 
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6. Awareness of people (3:25) 
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7. Awareness of oneself (4:56) 
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8. Awareness of reality (4:45) 

Total running time: 24:05