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Expectations Versus Reality

by Suryadarshini

Suryadarshini gives an account of her life after ordination and links this to the Buddha's teaching of the three lakshanas, the marks of conditioned existence. He taught that all phenomena have three characteristics: they are impermanent, insubstantial, and imperfect. Expectations can help or hinder our view of reality, and reflecting on the lakshanas can move us towards freedom rather than disappointment, both in meditation and in our lives. This talk features a five minute period of automatic writing, so grab paper and pen to participate.

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1. Expecting versus having an expectation (4:44) 
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2. Characteristics of reality (4:56) 
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3. Writing without expectations (8:50) 
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4. Expectations of ordination (9:40) 
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5. Moving from idealism towards ideals (5:47) 

Total running time: 33:57